Could Gravity Be Our Next Engineerable Force

From a large disk shaped craft, an umbilical slowly retracts. The faint electrical hum increase slightly in intensity. Lights of various colors adorn the disk, some are pulsating. The barely audible hum coming form the disk is becoming higher in pitch. The disk slowly levitates. When it is substantially higher then the buildings that surround it, it accelerates in a straight up direction. It now appears as only a dot in the sky. It begins moving south first rather slowly and then so fast that within a few seconds it vanishes form view.

Are we on a distant planet ? Perhaps we looking through binoculars on a hilltop just outside of Roswell. Or are we curled up in an easy chair lost in science fiction ? No we are at our local Airport watching the 7:00 am commuter flight departing for the big city. The first flying saucers we see will probably be our own. Several researchers throughout the world have reported that they have generated a phenomenon called gravity shielding. What’s even more surprising, is that even NASA has gotten into the gravity manipulation arena with studies they are conducting in their advanced propulsion program.

As you know we have some antigravity device working for us right now. We call them planes, helicopters, rocket ships and hot air balloons. But the cost to overcome gravity to point of orbit is immense. Do we have to accept this as a limitation? Not at all! We need to initiate a planet wide research initiative for the study of gravity, with the explicit goal of producing usable technologies.

And why not ? The electromagnetic field, we take for granted, and manipulate for our electrical power concerns, was once a mysterious force of nature. As a matter of fact, electricity is still full of mystery and far from being fully understood. There is no reason to think that gravity is not part of a gravitational field that can be manipulated. And what better time then now, to make a great breakthrough. Since the early 1970s our accumulation of scientific knowledge has gone from geometric to exponential. And if we, as a people, decided that we wanted to pump tons of money into research and development, there is no reason to doubt that we could not generate some brand new, mind boggling technologies. And with those technologies, we might even be able to generate some mind boggling new economies.

The world of adventure is for the bold. And adventure and opportunity are created by bold societies. Great individual human potential flourishes in bright times and that same potential is easily depleted in dark times. When opportunity meets collective adventurous intent, grand renaissance emerges.

Believe that we can create what we can conceive. Support investment in an adventurous future by supporting aggressive research and development in cutting edge science. Become informed and vote for leaders who lead in the direction of these goals. Lets us be the ones that start our race’s greatest adventure.


Gravity Research Links

Welcome to our Special Gravity Links Section. We have selected links that will provide the interested surfer with some additional gravity links. Is gravity a mysterious force that is beyond our comprehension? Or is it just the next part of our universe to be documented by science and turned into usable technologies by this generation’s scientists and engineers? Check out our gravity links and see if the manipulation of gravity enters into the realm of conceivability.

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James Woodward’s Mass Reduction Theory

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Website by:  Marc Millis (former head of NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics program)

Tau Zero Foundation

Will the gravity research that is going on today, like the gravity shielding work, produce technologies? Maybe. But you can bet that some research sometime will produce technologies based on the manipulation of gravity. Why do I state such a far out idea with such certainty? The universe is an enormous interconnected system. Within this system the phenomena we observe as separate processes are actually interwoven with the rest of the workings of the universe and can be expressed as sets of relationships. These relationships are quantified by our scientists using the symbolic language of mathematics.

Gravity like electricity is a natural force that displays such relationships. What sets one relationship apart from another is the complexity of the process and intricacies of it’s properties relative to observation. Our science is constantly maturing and thus it is constantly gaining in it’s ability to abstract ever more complex processes. As our science matures, so does our technology, and that allows for instrumentation that is able to observe ever more subtle aspects of various phenomena. There is no reason to think that there are some inherited properties relative to the force of gravity that will make it immune to this process.

In the schema of things there are an untold number of energy sources, scientific phenomena and usable technologies that will be brought out into our reality by our scientific quest for knowledge. The part of the equation that we as individuals, as a people and as a race can have an effect on, is the time that these relationships are made understandable and usable. And the way to do this is to be part of a popular mandate that creates a very rich and unrestricted environment for research and development relative to cutting edge scientific study. In addition to pure science, we should also be mandating operations that are specifically created for the conversion of cutting edge science into new technologies. Read about the future of science. Talk and debate in favor of a vibrant adventurous future. And remember to always vote for leaders with that same vision.