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EarthBeyond Earth – Human Destiny

The Human Species is earth's first species with the capacity to outgrow its home world. With our advancing technologies and and medical science, we will continue to expand the global human population. The expanding global population will require expanding economies which in turn require expanding industry and energy supplies. It is the expansion of populations, energy and industry that is the basis for strong economies. When the expansion slows the economy slows. If human expansion were to stop, the economy would flat line.

 This seems to present a dire situation. Fortunately for our planet and our species, this situation is not as dire as it seams, for our species is not bound to its home world. In 1957 the Soviet Union demonstrated that mankind could escape the bound's of earth's gravity by rocketing the Sputnik 1 satellite into low earth orbit. Just twelve years later Neil Armstrong left footprints on another world.

 How quickly humankind was able to achieve dramatic strides in pursuit of our greatest adventure when our focus was directed on such lofty goals. Off World expansion is our destiny. Which generation ascends to this challenge and conquers the limitations imposed by earth's “gravity well” has yet to be determined. The great Bob Hope generation proved, with certainty, that we can survive and function beyond our home world. It is up to one of the next generations to begin our permanent expansion into the frontiers beyond the confines of planet earth. When this challenge is met, the illusion of scarcity will be erased from out perception. When mankind expands into the forever frontier of outer space, the realm of humankind and associated resources and energy supplies will become limitless. With technologies and capabilities proven and developed, the only remaining constituent needed to rise to this challenge is our intention.